Toyota Camry

1992-1997 of release

Repair and operation of the car

Kamri's Toyota
+ General data
+ 1. Maintenance
+ 2. Engine
+ 3. Six-cylinder V6 engines
+ 4. Capital repairs of engines
+ 5. Cooling and heating
+ 6. Fuel system
+ 7. System of ignition
+ 8. Toxicity decrease
+ 9. Transmission
+ 10. Automatic transmission
+ 11. Coupling and power shafts
+ 12. Brake system
- 13. Suspension bracket
   13.2. General information
   + 13.3. Forward stabilizer of cross stability
   + 13.4. The lobby is resistant
   13.5. Repair of a forward rack
   + 13.6. Lower lever of a forward suspension bracket
   13.7. Replacement of the lower hinge of a forward suspension bracket
   + 13.8. Rotary fist
   13.9. Back stabilizer of cross stability
   + 13.10. Rack of a back suspension bracket
   13.11. Longitudinal draft of a back suspension bracket
   + 13.12. Levers of a back suspension bracket
   + 13.13. Nave of a back suspension bracket
   + 13.14. Fastener of a back nave
   - 13.15. Steering wheel
      13.15.2. Installation
   + 13.16. Tips of steering draft
   13.17. Replacement of protective covers of steering transfer
   + 13.18. Steering transfer
   + 13.19. Pump of the amplifier of a steering
   13.20. Removal of air from system of a steering with the amplifier
   + 13.21. Wheels and tires
   13.22. Corners of installation of wheels
+ 14. Body
+ 15. Electric equipment

13.15. Steering wheel

13.15.1. Removal



In the presence in the code radio receiver against theft, before an accumulator detachment, check that you have connection codes.

On models since 1993 the system of the airbag of safety is disconnected if the accumulator is disconnected for long term. If a control lamp of a safety cushion it lights up and necessary to burn after repeated connection of the accumulator, it is necessary to address in a specialized workshop for maintenance of system.

Make further actions not earlier than in 90 sec. that the condenser of the airbag was discharged completely.

1. Remove a weight wire from the accumulator.
2. Establish forward wheels for the movement directly forward. Remove caps from two parties of a steering wheel and unscrew on two screws of fastening of a safety cushion to a steering wheel.
3. Take the safety cushion block from a steering wheel and disconnect the electric socket from the block.
4. Disconnect the electric socket of a sound signal and system cruise control.
5. Note the provision of a nave of a steering wheel in relation to a steering shaft and unscrew a nut of fastening of a steering wheel.
6. Using a special stripper, remove a steering wheel from a shaft.